Performance Künstlerin in grünem Bodysuit sitzt in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan auf einem Barhocker, das Bein ähnlich einer Waffe aufgerichtet. Hinter ihr stehen industiell aussehende Stromgeneratoren.
Kaohsiung City, 2020 Videostill (c) Christian Graupner



Code Act Taiwan Version

Performance Video made in collaboration with Humatic Media

The film composer and AV producer Christian Graupner (VOOV / HUMATIC) observed the V3 performance in the streets of Kaohsiung mostly from a paparazzi perspective.  It was produced during the first months of the corona pandemic in Taiwan.


Code Act

Performance, 16 Min. Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts 

Fotos: Kaoshiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, courtesy of Hung-Lung Lin, 2020

 A bar stool is being transformed into a micro stage for the body sculpture "Code Act".

Within 15 minutes the piece unfolds body images that reveal the strength and intimacy of being human.


On the one hand, the bar chair serves as a column for a classic Greek or Roman statue, but as an everyday object it reminds of Berlin's dark nightlife, of leisure, standstill, addiction, pleasure and loneliness. In addition to her haunting dialogue between shadow and light, Veruschka Bohn creates an game in the minds of the viewer by switching between opposing meanings that occur within the sculptural process.



Veruschka Bohn an die Wand gelehnt auf einem Barstuhl Performance Kunst, professional Artist / Foto: Christian Graupner. Inspired by Pörx and other Kreuzberger Kneipen. Tantric Dance Performance Artist with Chair. Barstool Dance. Barchair dance.
Foto © Veruschka Bohn & Christian Graupner (Humatic) 2019