Nintendo's Not Dead

Poledance Performance, Cross Media Night, HfG Offenbach, 2011

To escape the melancholy of the Tetris world, Mario and Luigi start a lusty crusade through the world of clichés. Intoxicated by the toadstool, they dive into the world of acrobatic gender confusion, where the final opponent lurks, who is not what she seems.

Veruschka Bohn as Luigi

Dana Mikelson as Mario
Didi Weyrowitz as Donkey Kong / Princess Daisy


Accordeon : Nils Bertram
Music: Calvin Stereo

Camera: Oliver Rossol, Daniel Herzog, Claus Withopf

Video: Matthias Lawetzky

Supported by: Schlachthof Wiesbaden, Satis&Fy, Tanzstudio DanceLine Wiesbaden,

HfG Offenbach

Photos: Elena Osman, Jono

Illustration: Lea Frankenbach

Video Trailer