Rotator 01

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Rotator 01 Foto: V3

Re-Performance Slotmachine

Made in collaboration with Humatic Media

Rotator (c) Humatic & V3, 2020

The Rotator follows the concepts of Humatic's work series H_PR (Humatic Re-Performance), where dance and music performance meet machine art and create idiosyncratic immediacy between viewer and videoperformance. In this case a rather compact medium has been chosen, which can be installed with less effort and be produced in small series than the earlier H_RP triptychs MNM, Mindbox or the current pole dance project VIII. The rotating drums of a ''Bally Wullf'' slot machine show microfilms of a sophisticated dance performance looped in strobe flipbook cinema format.



Foto (c) Humatic Media, 2019


The work is related to ''F*** Format''. The photo series and videos establish a connection between paper format, screen frame and body. A thematic variation emerges in the context of the politically explosive ''Nordstream'' gas pipeline. The Rotator invites the viewer to purchase a print of '' Format'' through gambling.


Concept: Christian Graupner / Humatic

Choreography, Performance: Veruschka Bohn

Tech. Realisation, Creative Partnership: Max & Manfred Krüger


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