The Art of Simple Walking

Photography: Luisa Fosco

A Butoh dancer once told me: All essence of dancing lies within walking.

Following this idea I started to slow down my steps. The more I slowed down - the more I got reminded of all the complexity, contradiction and power that lies beneath this functional everyday movement. And I realized that my body finds quite a few entertaining movements on it's way from A to B - BUT I have a lot to learn if I want to know how to 'simply walk'. After this lesson I have used my daily bodyscan routine to examine the basics of movement: Breathing, Standing, Walking and all that lies in between.
My latest performance happened to turn into a challenge at some point, a nourishing lesson in the 'Art of Simple Walking' that I would like to share:

How to step into your 30th year of living - the easy way:

1. Wake up from a violent dream with a heavy heart, a bloody vagina and a face that looks like a used balloon.
2. Remember that you invited friends from all over the world to celebrate life with you tonight in the woods.
3. Look outside and watch heavy clouds passing by.
4. Accept that there is no good reason to worry now and that it's ok not to know how to make it through the night.
5. Ask the I Ging for a supportive advice and get 36 'the darkening of the light' - the one of the 64 changes you had always been most afraid to get into.
6. Cry until the heart becomes a bit lighter, be too tired for being really scared.
7. Remember you have a job to do and why you decided to do this job. Remember what you wish for. Stay soft. Give the day a used balloon face smile.
8. Help your friends who came to help and hug you.
9. See the support you get from those who are there and from those who are not. See that even the weather supports you.
10. Do your job and expose your art, keeping your head cold, your heart warm and your sex hot.
11. Listen to the applause. Accept that this piece actually inspires people.
12. Notice how happy, sad and relaxed you are. Think about what all this may teach you about fear, about love and about life's dirty little challenges.
13. Shout out a huge THANK YOU to everybody who made this possible untill you lose your voice.


The Happening was supported by sounds made by ACIDPOLIZEI.