The Love of Metals

... in collaboration with HUMATIC, 18:00 min, 2020

Veruschka Bohn is co-operating with C. Graupner (MediaArt Collective Humatic) and various members in the fields of media-art and performance, shifting the human body into spaces where idiosyncratic imagery and movement is created by space-and-time-axis-manipulation.

Media Art Installation Veruschka Bohn V3 Nordstream Gas Pipeline Triptych Video Art / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Media Art Installation Veruschka Bohn V3 / Humatic 2020

Together with Humatic, V3 relocates the human body into medially staged spaces. Here, where different rules apply to time and space, the body becomes a dance partner or antagonist of the medium that both presents and frames it.


The setup ofThe Love of Metals - a video screen with 3 physical tubes - creates a "Humatic Re-Performance" situation.

The performance of V3 recorded in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Brandenburg, Germany, is staged in a video triptych. Manipulating three synchronized choreographies, the installation creates an ongoing media concert. The encounter between body, media format, surface, depth and reflection leaves space for extended perception.The Love of Metals  was first presented 2020 in the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung.