Multichannel  -Performance - Videoinstallation by V3, 2022, 60 min.

Performers: Laura Borkowski, Rhama Corvalán, Nina Neef, Elsa Dez, Carly Lave, Marlee Weinberg, V3 , Gian Mellone

Visual Concept: Humatic 

PerFormat is a performance video triptych installation. Staged within a clean and reduced digital advertisement set-up, a diversity of performers share various insights into a vulnerable search for movements and moments, that matter - within a limited, indifferent and sterile space. 

While the performers were invited to explore their own relationship with situation of 'being framed' - the limited and bright space serves as a magnifying glass for impulses that rise from the lack of content. Inspired by the limitation, the bodies turn into geometrical signs and shapes. Moments of incidental absurdity and banality are collected, archived, chronologically manipulated and staged as a life-sized triptych performance display. 

PerFormat was supported by Deutscher Künstlerbund and Stiftung Kunstfonds.