Veruschka Bohn is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist. Arising from a pronounced calm and slowness her performances reveal contradicting and bizarre phenomena inherent in the nature of being human. The heart of V3’s work revolves around intimacy, a field she explores by illuminating human abysses, obsessions and power relations between media and user. Shifting common behavior into new contexts, V3 creates situations that appear both familiar and absurd.

After graduating from HfG (Offenbach) in 2015 by presenting her video performance - How To Graduate From Art School -  she continues to move easily from performance to painting, from photography to analoge film. Since 2018 she has been developing kinetic installations and performances in collaboration with the media art collective Humatic (Berlin). They co-create slot machines, life-sized dance installations and performances displaying idiosyncratic movement and distortions by technical time axis manipulations.

V3's work has been presented by museums like the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung or Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and has gained numerous international and national awards.