Sex Sells

A Reading Performance, 2014


Director: Sarah Kortmann

Performance: Veruschka Bohn, Iris Reinhart-Hassenzahl, Leila Meinhold

Photos: Niko Neuwirth


"It is hard to put into words what awaits visitors to this performative reading in the middle of the Bahnhofsviertel. To say that there will be pole dancing, S&M performance and naked skin in the cozy ambience of Pik Dame, Frankfurt's oldest and meanwhile probably most versatile nightclub, would give just as false an impression as to call "Sex Sells" merely a feminist reading. Also, to claim that the truth lies somewhere in between is only superficially accurate. For what Iris Reinhardt-Hassenzahl, Leila Meinhold and Veruschka Bohn created under the direction of Sarah Kortmann, is something quite unique, outrageous and special, which cannot be easily categorized.


No doubt, Sex Sells" is provocative. But behind the provocations there is a lot of content, which makes you laugh heartily, but also makes you ponder. With three diverse voices and in different moods, sex and eroticism are illuminated in various facets. This is very special and the viewer should definitely bring along a good portion of open-mindedness in order to be able to recognize what is behind this "program of sexual diversity". But whoever succeeds, will be offered a very special evening with very good and also courageous performances, which is given an additional dimension by the ambience of the Bahnhofsviertel. Therefore: absolutely recommendable for an open-minded audience!" (Text by Sebastian Betzold, translated by V3)


Interview with the director (german):