The Love of Metals

... in collaboration with HUMATIC

Veruschka Bohn is co-operating with C. Graupner (MediaArt Collective Humatic) and various members in the fields of media-art and performance, shifting the human body into spaces where idiosyncratic imagery and movement is created by space-and-time-axis-manipulation.

Our Re-Performance Multimedia Installation "The Love of The Metals"  premiered at the "捉遊/戲場 Catch/Play“ show at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts between March14th - June 17th, 2020. 

Media Art Installation Veruschka Bohn V3 Nordstream Gas Pipeline Triptych Video Art / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Media Art Installation Veruschka Bohn V3 / Humatic National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts 2020

Format is a challenge for body and medium alike. When facing it and stepping through, a multitude of new levels of representation opens up and expands the viewer's experience.


The Love of Metals belongs to Humatic's series of works H_RP [Humatic- Re-Performance]; a conceptual platform that creates triptych media installations and electroacoustic instruments. Re-staging performances through video installations creates multilayered games between moving bodies and their physical installation environments. The performances are first recorded and then edited using special techniques and materials to evoke a stronger sense of immediacy in the viewer than a simple video would.


The title was created with the help of an AI program that takes into account the play on the emotions of the audience. The playful moments remain in the foreground, even if the methods of time manipulations follow strict music-mathematical strategies.

The Love of Metals was captured inside the Nord Stream 2  gas pipeline in Brandenburg 2019. While the political debate surrounding the construction of the infamous pipeline drags on, the work already represents an ongoing, ironic play between control and it’s loss. The human body, subjected to different distortions depending on the viewer’s position, forms the core of this work.