... a playground for experiments, imagination & collaboration in social dancing

... an invitation to face & to fight fears

... unSchooling for adults






Pseudo - Tutorials

How to help your family and friends prepare your funeral:

○● A "Death Can Dance" - Tutorial ●○

Create a step-by-step guide explaining what you want your loved ones to do once your death is confirmed.
There are million ways of helping family and friends wave goodbye to you. You might even write and hold your own funeral speech. All you need to know is how to use a camera.

Keep in mind that unexpected death may put people in a state of shock. Also keep in mind that - as long as you live - death may arrive anytime anywhere. Now is the time to prepare everything you can to help making things easier. Maybe even beautiful.

Just in case you should for some stupid reason burn down together with your step-by-step guide you can e.g. shoot a video and upload it so the world knows at least one song you really want to - maybe not hear - but feel on your funeral.

This song makes it impossible for me not to get a full-body-excitement. That's why I want my family and friends to experience it once I am gone.
Thank you Giora Feidman Trio for this ☆MAZEL TOV☆

How to skip the early morning cigarette: Find yourself a proper environment and meditate for a while.

These 1.23 minutes of no smoking were tolerated by 'die toten Köpfe' (Manfred Peckl und Andreas Schlaegel)

Meet: Boba. (Not Beppo)
Another dog teacher made me destroy my plan so I could stick to my vision.
The plan was to collect random solo poses.
What happend was kind of a private lesson in communication.

Light tech: Simon Sajusch
Thank You Schlachthof!

Wheather you win or lose is a matter of Imagination. That's why you should never stop learning how to imagine... and how to stop wishing and start moving - giving the best you can.
Captured by mcgreydance

You will not be able to walk with confidence and ease if you don't know how to let go of control and regain it.

Song: Melody X stolen from Bonaparte featuring Early Birds


You want to be a Monster? Good news for you:

You already are.
Or - at least - a part of you is.

It's this judging, weird and greedy creature that picks up the most useless fears for you, it scares your friends and pushes you back into your own personal nightmares when you least expect it.

Instead of pretending it's not there:

Allow it to dance to the surface for once and listen to its desires and fears, the sounds that may come out of it, see how ugly, how embarrassing or funny it can get.

Don't be scary. Just try to be. Invite the darkness to do the rest.

If people laugh or leave - don't take it personal. We are educated to react like that.
They probably wonder why they never gave it a try themselves.
Or they prefer to go on pretending to be clean.

If you can encourage somebody to stay in the trouble for a deep dance -
everybody wins.


Staying in the trouble has become an issue of responsibility in these precarious times of anxiety - whether you consider yourself an artist or not.


Make-Up and Assistance: Marlee Weinberg

Don't close your eyes and follow your heart unless you are ready to look like a fool to your loved ones.

Assistance: Guillaume Berthot
Costume: Dana Mikelson

It's easy. Just fall in love with music, everytime you'll try to fall asleep, that's what happens.
Guitar and Vocals: Rudi Feuerbach

Fake - Healings

an experimental ritual

an individualized & improvised dedication practice

that will leave your body unaffected and your mind indifferent


3 simple rules

1. The healer has no special power.

2. The to be healed has no problem.

3. Everybody is giving the best they can.


 How to get a free fake healing?



Some impressions of recent Fake Healings:

Feist, Anna Nass'gschwiz and I aka 'Prushka' fake - healing the masses, imagining or fighting for the hearts to stay sober from grudge.

It sometimes appears to me that german audiences need a tiny drop of commotion in order to get their asses moving.

Marlee Weinberg asked me for a destructive Witch-Bitch-Switch-Haircutting-Kind of a Fake Healing.

These are 59 seconds of the outcome.

Song: Yes, I'm a witch - Yoko Ono

Location: Kreuzberg


Flipchart - Preparation:

Birthday - Fake - Healing

To be healed: Sebastian Rüger

(Ulan & Bator)

Location: Olympia am Gleisdreieck, Cologne
Video Frame by: HerrFrau Braunbär
Make-up Assistance: Ronja Schlönlein

One Minute of an experimental yoga kind of Fake Healing for a fallen tree.


Healing Companion: AnnaNita vom Bildrand

Music: Käptn' Peng / Tango im Treibsand & Yoko Ono / Rising

Location: Rügen

A friend couldn't let go of his lost love so we decided to fake the act of losing for the sake of a photo.

Not really a fake healing but sometimes rules are there to be broken. As he left we had found many different aspects of losing and we were both smiling.