Veruschka Bohn & Humatic

Veruschka Bohn is co-operating with C. Graupner (MediaArt Collective Humatic) and various members in the fields of media-art and performance, shifting the human body into spaces where idiosyncratic imagery and movement is created by space-and-time-axis-manipulation.

L-DNA reflected

a multi medial situation from outer space

L-DNA is a pipelined series of video loops, hi-res photos and performances by Humatic / Veruschka Bohn & Christian Graupner.

L-DNA reflected is a multi media performance presented at Landesvertretung Niedersachsen, Berlin in November 2018.

The performance is currently growing into a 45min. live situation with VOOV.


Poledance Installation

supported by telematique


In VIII Veruschka Bohn's poledance meets Humatic's Re-Performance concepts providing close-to-real directness in reception and hypnotic spiralism. Moving poledance sequences appear in life-size on 40 inch screens, providing a frame to small to show the complete body. The three screens are mounted on original dancepoles. The merging between real- and video poles combined with the life-sized presentation generate a close-to-real impression. Random access spiral video enginges continuously compose unique audio-visual clusters and combinations. VIII includes methods which go beyond the typical and known, as it works with time-axis manipulations and various counter physical deformations in time and space.



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