Veruschka Bohn is co-operating with C. Graupner (MediaArt Collective Humatic) and various members in the fields of media-art and performance, shifting the human body into spaces where idiosyncratic imagery and movement is created by space-and-time-axis-manipulation.

It's a Gas

re-performance installation & music video 2019

''It's a Gas'' was spottet between 2018 and 2019 in parts of the 1230 km long gas pipeline NORDSTREAM, which is meanwhile being installed in Brandenburg. After a few failed attempts, the phenomenon was successfully captured, shrunk to a portable format and is now accessible to the public.


music video 2019

FORER was originally a remix of VOOV’s unreleased track BARNUM but feels now as a grown up stand-alone track. The visuals are connected to our current performance and installation works.

L-DNA reflected

a multi medial situation from outer space

L-DNA is a pipelined series of video loops, hi-res photos and performances by Humatic / Veruschka Bohn & Christian Graupner.

L-DNA reflected is a multi media performance presented at Landesvertretung Niedersachsen, Berlin in November 2018.

The performance is currently growing into a 45min. live situation with VOOV.


re-performance slot machine

The Rotator follows the concepts of Humatic's work series H_PR (Humatic Re-Performance), where dance and music performance meet machine art and create idiosyncratic immediacy between viewer and videoperformance. In this case a rather compact medium has been chosen, which can be installed with less effort and be produced in small series than the earlier H_RP triptychs MNM, Mindbox or the current pole dance project VIII. The rotating drums of a ''Bally Wullf'' slot machine show microfilms of a sophisticated dance performance looped in strobe flipbook cinema format.


The work is related to ''F*** Format''. The photo series and videos establish a connection between paper format, screen frame and body. A thematic variation emerges in the context of the politically explosive ''Nordstream'' gas pipeline. The Rotator invites the viewer to purchase a print of '' Format'' through gambling.


Concept: Christian Graupner / Humatic

Choreography, Performance: Veruschka Bohn

Tech. Realisation, Creative Partnership: Max & Manfred Krüger



V III Pole Dance Media Installation


In VIII Veruschka Bohn’s pole dance meets Humatic Re-Performance concepts providing close-to-real directness in reception and hypnotic
spiralism. Moving pole dance sequences appear in life-size on 40 inch [ca 90x50cm] screens, providing a frame too small to show the
complete body. The three screens are mounted on original dance poles. The merging between real- and video-poles combined with the
life-sized presentation generate a close-to-real impression. Random access spiral video engines continuously compose unique audio-visual
clusters and combinations. VIII includes methods which go beyond the typical and known, as it works with time-axis manipulations and various
counter physical deformations in time and space.



Concepts,,Choreography & Visual Media,Veruschka Bohn & Christian Graupner

Creative Collaborators in Visuals, Music & System Development : Humatic, Joan Pais, Norbert Schnell ;Telematique / Sven Gareis.
Formats : full size reactive media installation , 3 x Full HD , up to six audio channels & stand alone pseudo holographic 1:8 model