Däischa Wüh 2.0 will be performed 15/08/24  8p.m. at Inselgalerie Berlin.

Fotos: Henryk Weiffenbach

Däischa Wüh 1.0



Photography: Henryk Weiffenbach

Assistance: Anna Widercrantz

Photos above: Anti-spectacular intervention for the opening, 18/08/23 in Maksimum Kubik, Savignypassage, Berlin.

Photos below: Diese Flächen sind zu vermieten, Limited Edition


By placing the production of photography in public display cases and shop windows, V3 reacts to the current lack of living space and need for artist studios in Berlin. An intimate dialogue with present social issues is presented where it is not expected. Windows in shopping malls, galleries and subway stations become places of participation and reflection. The photographic result is later revealed at the place of its creation by means of a performance. 


Foto: V3

Diese Flächen sind zu vermieten. Photography: Henryk Weiffenbach, 2023