Boxes [he/her]

Premiere 13. - 19.09.2022

Video Performance in four S-Bahn Stations in Berlin

Performers:  Motoya Kondo, Laura Borkowski, Rhama Corvalán, Mona Tesch, Alena Trapp, Gian Mellone, Renate Koßmann, Yaching Cheung, Jürgen Könnecke, Carly Lave, Marlee Weinberg, Nicola Jungsberger,  V3 and more

Postproduction: Luke Bennett

Production Company: Apricot Productions


Boxes [he/her] originates from V3's vision to move art to places where it is not expected.

The placement in the context of advertising messages aims to enrich the urban space with moments of irritation and astonishment, reaching even those who otherwise have little contact with performance art. Here, where advertising is initially expected, Boxes [he/her] surprises with the immediate performance of diverse and unadorned everyday bodies. With this work, V3 wants to reflect on isolation in times of pandemic in a humorous way and at the same time satirize the short attention span within which attention is vied for on platforms like Instagram or YouTube or on public advertising spaces fight for attention. 


In the week of 13-19.09.2022 - during the Gallery Week Berlin - the video performances will be placed on screens of wall between advertising clips and information graphics in the following 4 train stations of Berlin:  Hermannplatz, Potsdamer Platz, Kurfürstendamm, Naturkundemuseum. 

The production of Boxes [he/her] was funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste and is supported by Humatic GmbH.


Triptych Performance Video Installation

Performers: Laura Borkowski, Rhama Corvalán, Nina Neef, Elsa Dez, Carly Lave, Marlee Weinberg, V3 , Gian Mellone

The movement research is staged as a triptych video installation PerFormat which is currently in process.


It is motivated by the following questions:

How can I use digital possibilities for an art form that is characterized by transformation, vulnerability, and volatility?

How can a dynamic archive for performative processes look like? 


The movement research is continuing since 2021 and was supported by Deutscher Künstlerbund, Stiftung Kunstfonds & Humatic.